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Sam Milam is a freelance writer, photographer, and attachment parenting advocate. You can find her over at her blog, Pocketful of Pebbles, or out exploring the Pacific Northwest with her two kids.       

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We can stop gaslighting our children by changing our perspective.

Stop Gaslighting Your Kids

We can teach our children resilience, empathy, and compassion by modeling those behaviors. And most importantly, we stop gaslighting them.

Many believe that validating a child’s feelings, always, leads to whiny, clingy, entitled children. That just isn’t the case.

Validating A Child Doesn't Mean Coddling Them

Validating a child isn't telling them what's worth or not worth crying over. We don't get to judge our kids for having a different perspective.

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I'll Keep You Safe, Mom

I stood in the hallway and tentatively pushed the bathroom door open, holding my breath as I peered into the darkness, waiting for it to bump into

We can give our children tools to empower them when they are bombarded with harmful and oppressive messages.

How To Counter The Sexist Bullsh*t Your Daughters Learn At School  

How do we, as parents, counter this deeply ingrained message that our girls and young women are supposed to look a certain way to be accepted?

As a mother, I do my best to avoid thinking about death, while failing spectacularly by frequently thinking about it.

I Don’t Have A Plan If I Die 

I don’t have a plan if I die. Who could I possibly choose to replace me? No one can replace me. I'm one of a kind. I am a mother.

The first step to teaching small children where babies come from is by always correctly naming their body parts.

I Tell My Small Children Where Babies Come From

I tell my small children the truth about where babies come from because it is a natural biological function that has been shrouded in shame and control for too long.

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I'm Interested In A Sexual Relationship With You

Everyone could use a refresher on navigating consent.  Read...